RHLA Exclusive Art Collab Overalls Kim DeJesus

Color: Ivory W Multi

Kim DeJesus x RHLA
RHLA Exclusive Art Collab Work Jacket Kim DeJesus

The improvisational abstractions of Kim DeJesus tap into her interest in memory – how it works and what it reveals about us and the world. She explores how marks, colors, layers, erasures and patches evoke remembrance and forgetfulness and suggest the discoveries we make and the absences in our lives. Her work is informed by a concern with the relationship between ourselves and natural processes, particularly the dichotomy we face in being simultaneously “a part of” and “apart from” the natural world.


  • RHLA workers overalls
  • Kim DeJesus artwork throughout
  • Adjustable straps
  • Front side thigh pockets
  • Back side pockets
  • Buttons at waist

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