Melissa x CS Possession Sandal


Collina Strada
Melissa x CS Possession Sandal


  • Collina Strada X Melissa Collab Possession sandal with a glossy glitter finish.
  • Cruelty free and Vegan, registered by the Vegan Society
  • 30% of recycled manufacturing waste
  • Eco-friendly production with low carbon footprint
  • Made in Brazil


  • MELFLEX™ upper/sole
  • EVA insole
  • Melissa shoes are made from a unique, patented plastic material called  MELFLEX™, a form of PVC that provides improved elasticity, impermeability and resistance. It is hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. Melissa shoes are environmentally friendly as they can be easily disassembled and recycled.
  • Bio-based EVA derived from sugar cane. It's a light, sustainable raw material which guarantees maximum comfort. 
  • This entire shoe is 100% recyclable versus biodegradable which creates zero to minimal micro plastics back into the ocean. 

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