Ron Herman x Transnomadica

As the center of all things vintage, LA’s appreciation for uniqueness, repurposing and recycling is deeply cultural. And as the city’s most influential retail innovator, Ron Herman has always brought this spirit to the rest of the world. Together with curator and archivist Maurizio Donadi of Transnomadica, we are celebrating vintage as an expression of Southern California’s cultural heartbeat as well as a practice in slow fashion and circularity.

Maurizio founded Transnomadica after 40 years in the fashion industry to be a series of initiatives utilizing excess, obsolete and leftover goods. Driven by the principles of circularity and anchored by a panoramic perspective on vintage workwear, 80’s and 90’s fashion, denim and military apparel, Transnomadica’s curation draws from the best in utilitarian design and genuine artisanship from around the globe. 

As a global leader in digital innovation, Avery Dennison brings technology to this storytelling of vintage through a complete solution - a physical trigger to a digital experience, data management and applications. Each item is assigned a code that references its provenance and journey; allowing anyone interacting with the garment in store or after purchase to access the key information that makes each piece unique.